Bio / Beliefs

Deirdre has worked extensively in the United Kingdom and the EU.  First in London, in the posh neighbourhood of Notting Hill where she refurbished and decorated an investment property that immediately put her on the radar as a talented designer and efficient project manager.

Then to the famous Cotswolds, where she was involved in one of the most significant renovations in the west of England.  She oversaw and managed the restoration of a Grade 1 Listed British Heritage Site. The building, a 500 year old castle was the occasional home of King Henry VIII.

In 2000, Deirdre moved to Portugal where she bought, restored and sold properties.  Her experience upgrading and decorating international properties means high returns on your investment.

Deirdre is passionate about what she does and would like to see every house reach its full potential. 


“Design is a passion and I love being a part of improving people’s lives – I feel fortunate to say that about my job.  Being exposed to sophisticated environments in Canada, as well as in the United Kingdom, and sailing all over the world on a tall ship has influenced me, and my style.  I love diversity and the eclectic, and I like working with clients, and coaching them to think beyond their 4 walls.

“I don’t know what makes a great designer, in my case its confidence and experience, a trust in my abilities to produce something that reflects the client and their lifestyle.  An environment where treasures are dispersed among good quality furniture and where ‘fun finds’ and art whether world famous or famously produced by your children are intermixed and celebrated.  Relax in, be inspired by, and celebrate life in your home.”