Who We Are

Deirdre Dyment Design Group is a Toronto based interior design firm owned and operated by Deirdre Dyment who has 17 years experience designing for clients from across the globe. Deirdre believes interior design is about creating an overall experience at home that leaves you spiritually energized and equipped to live your life passionately.  Designing for Life Changes.

Our clients are a diverse and growing group, we specialize in helping individuals bridge the transition into a new life and a new home as a result of “life changing events”: such as relocation, separation and divorce.

By following the company’s mandate to improve life inside your home and your quality of life, clients of Deirdre Dyment Design Group work in conjunction with ‘life changing’ professionals ranging from real estate agents to kitchen outfitters.  Deirdre’s holistic approach to interior design enables individuals to work with dedicated professionals who understand the issues that you may be facing and ultimately help you ease into life’s next chapter.

Mission Statement

At Deirdre Dyment Design Group our mandate is to create a beautiful home, add value to your investment and equip you with the tools to live life passionately.  We think all these are closely inter-connected.

Our Goals

We want everyone to look forward to coming home.  We want you to feel calm and inspired in your home, never overwhelmed by a long “to do” list. 

Our Values

We believe in honesty, discretion and offering a valuable service.  We work with reputable professionals who are committed to assisting you and honouring our mission statement.

Designing for Life Changes